Standby Generators


Chances are you already trust your home to Briggs & Stratton. After all, we've been blazing trails in small engine design and manufacturing for over a century. Our engines can be found powering the majority of America’s leading outdoor power equipment brands, with nearly 60 million households trusting their outdoor power to Briggs & Stratton. And now, we can help you keep the lights on during power outages and blackouts – with backup generators developed to meet the needs of your home, offering nothing short of the most economical, most efficient, custom standby generator solution on the market.

And while keeping your light and home appliances on during a power outage is the major benefit of owning a standby generator system, owning a standby can also lead to some serious savings for homeowners, too!

  • Lower your homeowners insurance rate
  • Prevent storm damage & power outage costs
  • Increase your home value

Briggs & Stratton


Not only are we bringing you a smarter, smaller, more affordable generator – we’re also a knowledgeable and professional dealer in your neighborhood ready to help do more than simply meet your power needs. 

We are here to answer all your questions and provide a custom generator solution that solves all your energy challenges.

Unlike large, more expensive models, a Briggs & Stratton backup generator uses patented power management technology, so it automatically powers more of your home for less money.

Standby generator systems (as opposed to portable generators) operate on either natural gas or liquid propane vapor. Both natural gas and propane generators provide a seamless transition from utility to backup power. If your home already utilizes one fuel or the other, it makes sense to use what's already available.

Together, we provide 100% satisfaction - from purchase to generator installation, maintenance and beyond.

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